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Lycovest runs a large activity in investment banking area as a financial institution with initial purpose to provide an assistanship to individuals and corporations in raising capital by acting on behalf its clients as their agent in the issuance of securities. Our responsibilities may also include support services for companies involved in mergers and acquisitions activity and provision of different auxiliary services (from FICC services like fixed income instruments, currencies, and commodities to trading of derivatives and equity securities and market making).

None of modern large financial institutions can survive without a constant evolving. A new area for Lycovest represents securities market activity. As a service provider we offer the following: transfer of ownership and hedging (insurance) of operations though securities market (options, futures, etc.). We manage the transfer of existing stocks and bonds from owners who refuse to maintain their investments to new clients who are ready to increase those specific investments.

Product description

Lycovest is a versatile payment solution that enable users to store, spend, and transfer their cryptocurrencies on an intuitive interface and debit card that addresses crypto’s number one problem — physically spending it.


Lycovest has developed secure and customizable SCI/APIs for merchant services that will facilitate the payments of goods and services online or offline using a web wallet or a physical debit card respectively.


Tired of juggling all those ETH and BTC wallets? Utilising Lycovest’s multi-cryptocurrency wallet, you no longer need multiple addresses. Not only does it allow you to receive and store multiple cryptocurrencies under one address, it also allows you to spend them at any ATM or store.

Lycovest seamless payment ecosystem bridges the divide between cryptocurrencies and the mainstream market. The platform enables companies and individuals to send, spend, store, and exchange cryptos and fiat through secure web wallets, physical debit cards, merchant payment terminals, and IBAN.


LYCO INVESTMENTS LTD has passed the registration procedure as well as a complete check of financial activity to obtain the necessary work permit in the international investment market. You can get acquainted with the registration documents on our website.

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